Have sex. Have dirty, raunchy sex. Have sex in the bed, on the counter, in the car, in the bathroom. Have it everywhere. Have passionate love making sex. Fuck. Go slow. Gaze into their eyes. Learn every curve and bump on their body. Learn what makes them quiver. Learn what makes them cum the hardest. Feel their body and fall back in love with them. Just have sex.
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lyrics: what’s a lyric you wouldn’t mind getting tattooed?

I’ve actually thought about tattooing “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” from Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons, but there’s a LOT of great lyrics out there so idk man.

band ask
guitar: do you play any instruments?
bass: what's your favorite instrument to listen to?
drums: do you have a sense of rhythm?
keyboard: what band do you really want to see live right now? (not including your #1 favorite band)
vocals: can you sing? do you like to sing?
gig: how many concerts have you been to? which has been your favorite?
album: recommend an album not in the mainstream!
autograph: do you have anyone's autograph? if so, who? if not, whose do you want?
remix: what's a song you love to dance to?
merch: take a pic of your favorite piece of band merch!
groupie: what's the worst thing you would do to get to your favorite band?
lyrics: what's a lyric you wouldn't mind getting tattooed?
name: what would you call your band if you had one?
single: what would be your hit single?
ep: if you could have any job in the music industry what would it be?
discography: have you ever written any songs?
cover: favorite cover?
ticket stub: what was the longest you've ever queued for a gig?
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turn off/ not my thing/ haven’t thought of it before/ cool/ hot damn/ TURN OOOOOOON/ TAKE ME NOW

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omg (oh my garfunkel)

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